Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blog Hop: Where would I go with BUTTERMAN (TIME) TRAVEL, INC

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To celebrate the cover reveal of PK Hrezo's book, BUTTERMAN (TIME) TRAVEL, INC., I'm participating in her bloghop.  Question:  If I could walk into Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc., where and when would I go?

Rio de Janeiro, 1808.  Here's why:

When the French army under Napoleon marched into Lisbon, the entire Portuguese Royal Court fled to Brazil.  Thus, the Braganças became the first royals to step foot in their colony.

TImes were tough.  During their journey, the members of court had to shave their heads in order to combat lice.  With an influx of 10,000 + people, housing was short.  Some had to put up in an old abandoned jail.  Imagine:  a royal family in exile living in a jail in the tropics.

But they learned to cope.  In fact, when it finally came time to return to Portugal over a decade later, the young Prince Pedro opted to stay in Brazil.  His father, Dom João VI, agreed.  In this way, Brazil gained its independence.

Though the court's exile in Brazil was not necessarily a happy time, it was interesting.  I'd have loved to talk with native Brazilians:  how did they feel about the entire royal court sailing up to their shores?  And the courtiers?  What did they make of life in the tropics?

Also, talk about adventure.

Remember to check out PK Hrezo's new book on 11 - 12 - 13.  You can find her on her blog and Twitter.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On the Run

The name's Jak Szabo.  I write.  I'm on the run.  Take that as you will.

Other than that, there isn't much you need to know about me.  I'm prone to reckless abandon.  I like to dig –– in dirt, in archives, in books and backgrounds.  Hablo español.  E um pouco de português.  Coffee, please, infused with mint.  Cheap pens bundled in plastic bags.  Lined notebooks.  Sunsets in smog-covered cities.  Heat mirages.  Faded photographs that conjure up memories that belong to someone else.

I'm mostly truthful, except when I remember that I'm a compulsive liar.  Then I'm not so truthful.